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so no one reads this shit anyways, so I can just go on for hours...
i fucking hate my job,
pretty much everyone in this building is a complete cunt, this place is the most soul destroying shithole on the planet.

Every day I walk into this fucking hell I just want to turn around and run the other fucking way

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fuck i hate my fucking job, my bosses are all a bunch of dipshit cunts who wouldn't be able to organise a fucking orgy in that whorehouse on old port road.

dumb cunts the lot of them, and they wonder why i rack heaps of shit from here.

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So I'm gonna start reposting on this after looking back on all the supreme "goodness" included in this blog.

It's odd, this thing is like looking backat prts of my life I totally forgot.


If anyone is reading this, I'm stuck in 2003!
Currently facebook hasn't been invented so I'm stuck with livejournal, luckily I didn't go back too far or I'd be stuck with makeoutclub.

Can anyone hear me

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I need someone to video or take photo's of me doing stand up next month... I'll cash you up for the entry. My camera is a proper one megapixel disaster master and runs on coal like a drunken welshman
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Keen to see avatar at the IMAX in Sydney, it's either going to be really good or really crap.

I haven't really seen a good event movie I've liked all year, Star Trek, Transformers 2, Wolverine, Terminator Salvation... they were all bad like all the terrorist that Harry Tasker killed.

Drag me to Hell was cool, and wassup rockers was good.

Hard time thinking of anymore
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